Tijuana-‘Following weeks of unprecedented violence in Tijuana, Mayor Jorge Ramos Monday made some major changes in his troubled police department, removing its top official, Alberto Capella Ibarra.

Ramos’ choice for public safety secretary is Julian Leyzaola, a military lieutenant colonel who had been serving as Capella’s top deputy. Stepping into Leyzaola’s position is a retired captain in the Mexican military, Gustavo Huerta Martinez; he had been serving as Rosarito Beach police chief’.

Hmm…Isn’t this just their version of a retirement system. I mean, after enough payoffs the next in line to retire steps in the top spot so he can get a piece of the pie and move on with his drug money and payoffs. It is much cheaper than getting Mexico’s corrupt government to flip the bill.

With Mexico’s gangs, police payoffs and willingness to hide any murderer fleeing the U.S. to avoid a possible death sentence, I might feel just as safe taking a walk through anywhere Iraq.

For example…Iraq has militants running around blowing people up and cutting the heads off innocent people. Mexico has gangs running around shooting up people and cutting the heads off innocent people (The 9 headless bodies found hanging in Tijuana). What a wonderful place to vacation! Great tourism pull.

Really, is there any hope left for this mob style government?