Tijuana-‘Following weeks of unprecedented violence in Tijuana, Mayor Jorge Ramos Monday made some major changes in his troubled police department, removing its top official, Alberto Capella Ibarra.

Ramos’ choice for public safety secretary is Julian Leyzaola, a military lieutenant colonel who had been serving as Capella’s top deputy. Stepping into Leyzaola’s position is a retired captain in the Mexican military, Gustavo Huerta Martinez; he had been serving as Rosarito Beach police chief’.

Hmm…Isn’t this just their version of a retirement system. I mean, after enough payoffs the next in line to retire steps in the top spot so he can get a piece of the pie and move on with his drug money and payoffs. It is much cheaper than getting Mexico’s corrupt government to flip the bill.

With Mexico’s gangs, police payoffs and willingness to hide any murderer fleeing the U.S. to avoid a possible death sentence, I might feel just as safe taking a walk through anywhere Iraq.

For example…Iraq has militants running around blowing people up and cutting the heads off innocent people. Mexico has gangs running around shooting up people and cutting the heads off innocent people (The 9 headless bodies found hanging in Tijuana). What a wonderful place to vacation! Great tourism pull.

Really, is there any hope left for this mob style government?


Whats that you say? Tony Sparano is in control? Sure…he is the coach isn’t he?

Yes,  but look at some of the comments made by a couple of his players after the Dolphins humbling lose to New England.

Linebacker Matt Roth said, “We weren’t as disciplined or smart yesterday but we definitely played tough,” Roth also said. “We’ve been feeding off [Joey Porter’s] emotions, so he’s not at fault by any means. We had to get off the field and couldn’t do that. He’s been our emotional leader from game one and that’s not going to change. He’s got to stay that way for us to be successful.”

He also said, “Some times you don’t want to come off the field, you don’t come off the field”.

Linebacker Reggie Torbor said he didn’t believe Porter meant any disrespect toward Sparano, but it’s an unwritten machismo rule by players to finish what they started. He said, “Fourteen and a half sacks, why would he want to get off the field?” Torbor also said. “Who you going to put in any better than him?

“When you’re getting beat at the end of a game you don’t want to come off the field. It makes you look kind of like a coward. When you win and you’re out there you’re [celebrating], ‘Look at me,’ and when you lose, ‘I’m leaving?’ No, you stay out there and ride it out.”

Anyone with any leadership background can plainly see where the respect lies and with who leadership is directed. No, not Sparano… Joey Porter. These players have clearly drawn the line on what orders they take from a coach. Sparano must not be showing any leadership skills worth taking serious. Doubt me? just look at the caliber of those players defending Porter over Sparano.

Tabor and Roth would most likely not even be playing if they were on another quality team. A person would think they would be loyal to the coach who got rid of the likes of J. Taylor and kept them…noooo. They are loyal to Joey Porter because after telling Linebacker Charlie Anderson to get off the field he clearly decides who does and does not play. Maybe Joey Porter cut Taylor and Zach Thomas….hmmmm.

Sparano…maybe its time to act tough not just talk tough, otherwise….you will never be in control. At that point you and Parcells might as well ask Cameron for a job before Porter fires you.

I have already seen a few pages in the main stream media where they are predicting chaos if Obama is not elected. They are driving the point across America that if he loses it will be due to racism. Not because he is democrat or because people did not agree with his views on the economy. No, it will be just pure hate for the black man. Even high brow comedian Russell Brand stated that the only people not voting for Obama are racist.


I do believe that some people will vote against him because of race just like some will vote for McCain because Palin is a woman or McCain is old. I also believe some people will vote for Obama just because he is black.


I do not believe he will lose because he is black. I don’t believe he will lose anyway, but the idea of holding a blanket of accusation over a large portion of the country is ridiculous. What about republicans that are minorities? Are they also racists? What about democrats that will not vote? Hmmm…maybe they are racist. If there are so many racist in the country why does Obama hold a slight lead in the polls? African Americans do not make up 50% of the population. His lead is as close as any other election in the nation’s recent history.


With Obama in the race for president I can see two outcomes. If he wins, he will be a shinning example of the possibilities available to the African America community but if he loses, even by a narrow margin, there will be accusations of racism. There will also be conspiracy theorists shouting that it is a plan by white America to keep minorities down. I don’t know about you but I am sick of conspiracy talk.


It is sad that race plays any part in this election. I am sure that for every person narrow minded enough to not vote for Obama because of the color of his skin there is an equally narrow minded person voting for him because he is black.

News from The Sun. Pretty good video.


If you can get past the idea of picking a president based on democrat or republican you will quickly realize you have to choose between the greater of two evils. You have one that wants to keep fighting in Iraq and another that wants to throw up his hands and quit Iraq. Pointing fingers and playing the blame game. We are in Iraq now so what are we going to do about it? We want answers.


One candidate wants to give money to everyone so everyone can buy health insurance. A nice rosy picture but do you really believe everyone will go out and buy insurance? That’s the mentality of a community organizer. Throw money at it and people will be happy.


The other claims he wants to root out all corruption in Washington. Are you serious? This candidate has been there so long does anyone really believe he is going to turn his face away from money and all his fellow good old boys in DC?


Both candidates are just telling the people what they think they want to hear. They both claim they want to cut taxes. With a huge economic crisis right now does anyone really believe they are going to give us any big tax relief?


Obama is not giving us much but finger pointing. Obama said, “a final verdict on eight years of failed economic policies promoted by George Bush, supported by Senator McCain.” Come on. This problem start with mortgage lenders and inflated home prices and greedy business practices that has been going on and off for a decade or more. Don’t think any president was in on that nonsense.


McCain is busy just trying to become popular. With a young VP candidate and all the talk of cleaning up politics, why didn’t he complain about the dirty politics any time while he was senator?


I think to be fair to all of us and maybe get something truthful out of this election the losing candidate should become VP. Maybe one could keep the other in line. Maybe we would not be in Iraq now….maybe people would have extra money from tax breaks…maybe corruption would subside in DC.


All these promises from these candidates, we have heard it all before. It is the same old thing. I won’t hold my breath on any great changes in Washington any time soon.

Muslim religious leader argues that girls as young as 9 could marry.


Seems the life of religious leaders pushing the envelope of pedophilia has no boundaries. One day it is “Christian” religious compounds in Texas with older men being “allowed” to marry young children the next its catholic leaders being accused of molestation.


Just when you thought so called Christian leaders were terrible people, along comes a Muslim leader out of Morocco teaching that young girls under the age of ten can marry.

What is next? Maybe tomorrow we will see Jewish rabbis pushing child porn or Buddhist monks pimping pre-teens?


No wonder more and more people turn from faith. These people are supposed to be moral leaders of the community. But who am I kidding? People have high jacked the faithful for centuries in the name of religion. They have pushed wars, suicide, murder and now pedophilia.


When will disgusting people stop trampling someone else’s core beliefs? Stop destroying what is supposed to be peaceful. Stop pushing people to be morally corrupt and at the same time condemning your neighbors sins.


My message to these people, if you find yourself doing these things…please find a new line of work. Fix yourself before trying to fix others.


My suggestion is to not assume the person at the pulpit is morally greater than you. Read and learn on your own and then listen and judge what they say. If it is contrary to a large degree from what you read…maybe its time to pack up your family and find another spiritual counselor. If you can find no one….maybe this truly is the end times.


Read the full article here


Proverbs tells us that, “there is a way that seems right to a man but its end is death thereof.”


Imagine sitting at a breakfast table one day in the future. You are older and have lived a full life. Your kids have grown and are thoughtful, successful people. You have done a great job as a parent. Your finances are in order and everything is set.


Suddenly, inevitably your time has come. You die quietly and peacefully just the way we all hope to go…peacefully. You are not worried. After all you have led a good life.


Suddenly you see a door open into your mind as you slip into the beyond. There at the door is Christ. Without him saying a word you suddenly realize that life was very short and most importantly you missed doing something that was your reason for living.


You failed to learn of and about God. No, you didn’t need to be a nun or pastor. You did not have to be pope. You only had to learn about your God. You failed to strengthen and build your own soul. Going to church every Sunday to praise him is not enough.


Life was so short and the task you missed was such a simple task. How could you have missed it? You thought you were a good person but you failed to even learn about the God you professed your whole life to believe in.


It is not too late to avoid this scenario. You are not gone yet. There are so many passages in the bible to guide us. In the New Testament it was shown to us that we must believe in Jesus to be saved. We must have faith. The one point we sometimes forget is…what is it or who is it that we are to believe in?


Jesus stated that many will call him Lord but he never knew them. Could it be that is because they never knew Him? How can you truly believe in someone if you never take the time to learn about whom it is you believe in?


Pick up that dusty bible and read. Diligently read a chapter here and there. Don’t just read it but learn the meaning and grasp it. A little at a time and soon you WILL know Him and he WILL know you.


“There is a way that seems right to a man but its end is death thereof.”