Every election it is the same thing. If you are a celebrity you either feel the need to try to convince us simple folk how we should vote in the upcoming election or you are coerced by the media to say something ….well…idiotic.

That is exactly what happened to Matt Damon the other day. He tried to convince us simple folk how to vote and at the same time made an idiotic statement. He would make the other celebtards proud. During the interview he stated he knew nothing of Sarah Palin but began to list here prior work experience albeit briefly.

In typical celeb fashion he made it sound as if Gov. Palin was from little “folksy” Alaska and had no other experience but being a “hockey mom”. In other words, if you aren’t from L.A., NY or SF you are an ignorant cuss apparently. Oops sorry…..you are FOLKSY and where I come from “folksy” can be interpreted as “dumb ass”.

Lets not fool ourselves…..Sarah Palin has had many jobs in her lifetime….teacher, executive, mayor and Governor of the largest state in the union but according to Matt she has no experience. I will not compare her to Sen. Obama’s vast (cough) experience….because after all Matt didn’t either.

I don’t mind if celebtards have strong political beliefs. I do mind when they are so pretentious they assume everyone else in the middle of the country are ignorant hillbillies. Sen. Obama did this too when he stated that us simple folk cling to guns and the bible in rough times. Gee paw….gas is going up again we better load up the shotgun.

Oh sure…Matt came of strong and intelligent as far as celebtards go….but he came apart and lived up to all those great celebtards before him. Matt stated his most pressing concern and quit possibly a vote turner for him would be if Sarah Palin believed dinosaurs were alive 4000 years ago.

You know what…Matt is right. War in Iraq…don’t care. Economy….I do not care. Crime….so what? What Josh Howard thinks of the national anthem….like a true folksy American…I do not care. The important issue should be if a T-Rex was the real cause of King Tuts demise.