If you have wondered why celebrities seem to be so important in elections you need look no further than how Gov. Palin is scheduled to meet with several world leaders. As you read the list of top dignitaries you will notice which one gets top billing….is it with Iraq President Jalal Talabani or Pakistan’s newly-elected President Asif Ali Zardari? Is it with the presidents of Georgia and the Ukraine? Maybe the prime minister of India will get top billing. India does have a sixth of the worlds populous and controls the global help-line industry. At least it seems that way when I call for assistance from US companies but this is another story.


No…no….the most important “leader” apparently will be none other than Bono. That’s right ….THAT Bono…of U2 fame.


Ok…ok…I know Bono is a hard worker when it comes to international humanitarian issues but will the world turn to him for global answers now? Well, he is a celebrity I guess and we all know celebrities are far above us when it comes to issues of using that squishy thing in our heads….I heard smart celebs call it a brain. I will stick with my “folksy” term and call it a melon. Cheers to you Matt Damon.


My question now will be…what does Bono think of Palin…Hmmm, the world will hang on his decision.


I am as much at fault as any other. After all, I even labeled him as a dignitary. Modern U.S. elections have become more and more of a popularity contest of who can attract more celebrities. I and many of you can scream of how much you don’t care what some pampered celebrity thinks of how you should vote but apparently the majority do. Today it is Bono….twenty years from now maybe a reformed Brittney Spears.


I can only join in the throng and wait to see if the new philosophical leader gives Palin a blessing of the highest rock order. We will hang on your word o great Bono.