If you can get past the idea of picking a president based on democrat or republican you will quickly realize you have to choose between the greater of two evils. You have one that wants to keep fighting in Iraq and another that wants to throw up his hands and quit Iraq. Pointing fingers and playing the blame game. We are in Iraq now so what are we going to do about it? We want answers.


One candidate wants to give money to everyone so everyone can buy health insurance. A nice rosy picture but do you really believe everyone will go out and buy insurance? That’s the mentality of a community organizer. Throw money at it and people will be happy.


The other claims he wants to root out all corruption in Washington. Are you serious? This candidate has been there so long does anyone really believe he is going to turn his face away from money and all his fellow good old boys in DC?


Both candidates are just telling the people what they think they want to hear. They both claim they want to cut taxes. With a huge economic crisis right now does anyone really believe they are going to give us any big tax relief?


Obama is not giving us much but finger pointing. Obama said, “a final verdict on eight years of failed economic policies promoted by George Bush, supported by Senator McCain.” Come on. This problem start with mortgage lenders and inflated home prices and greedy business practices that has been going on and off for a decade or more. Don’t think any president was in on that nonsense.


McCain is busy just trying to become popular. With a young VP candidate and all the talk of cleaning up politics, why didn’t he complain about the dirty politics any time while he was senator?


I think to be fair to all of us and maybe get something truthful out of this election the losing candidate should become VP. Maybe one could keep the other in line. Maybe we would not be in Iraq now….maybe people would have extra money from tax breaks…maybe corruption would subside in DC.


All these promises from these candidates, we have heard it all before. It is the same old thing. I won’t hold my breath on any great changes in Washington any time soon.