I have already seen a few pages in the main stream media where they are predicting chaos if Obama is not elected. They are driving the point across America that if he loses it will be due to racism. Not because he is democrat or because people did not agree with his views on the economy. No, it will be just pure hate for the black man. Even high brow comedian Russell Brand stated that the only people not voting for Obama are racist.


I do believe that some people will vote against him because of race just like some will vote for McCain because Palin is a woman or McCain is old. I also believe some people will vote for Obama just because he is black.


I do not believe he will lose because he is black. I don’t believe he will lose anyway, but the idea of holding a blanket of accusation over a large portion of the country is ridiculous. What about republicans that are minorities? Are they also racists? What about democrats that will not vote? Hmmm…maybe they are racist. If there are so many racist in the country why does Obama hold a slight lead in the polls? African Americans do not make up 50% of the population. His lead is as close as any other election in the nation’s recent history.


With Obama in the race for president I can see two outcomes. If he wins, he will be a shinning example of the possibilities available to the African America community but if he loses, even by a narrow margin, there will be accusations of racism. There will also be conspiracy theorists shouting that it is a plan by white America to keep minorities down. I don’t know about you but I am sick of conspiracy talk.


It is sad that race plays any part in this election. I am sure that for every person narrow minded enough to not vote for Obama because of the color of his skin there is an equally narrow minded person voting for him because he is black.