I intend to post my opinions of products I have purchased recently. These will be my opinions only. Just friendly suggestions from one neighbor to another.

SENTRY Natural Defense Flea & Tick Carpet Powder


I have used this product several times now and I believe this to be one of the best products out there to combat fleas. It is all natural…meaning no poisonous gas clouds, toxic powders or wet poisons on you or your carpet. If you follow the instructions on the label it works wonders. The only down sides are an aweful smell and lingering powder residue and a little expensive.

This is what I do. After sprinkling the powder liberally on the carpet, I let it set in for roughly 24 hours. Once you spread this out you will have to fight the urge to vacuum it up right away to eleminate the disgusting odor. DON”T DO IT. The longer this product sits on the floor the better. Think of it this way. If it is driving you crazy just imagine what it is doing to the flea that has to crawl through it.

Great product and safe to use.


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