Proverbs tells us that, “there is a way that seems right to a man but its end is death thereof.”


Imagine sitting at a breakfast table one day in the future. You are older and have lived a full life. Your kids have grown and are thoughtful, successful people. You have done a great job as a parent. Your finances are in order and everything is set.


Suddenly, inevitably your time has come. You die quietly and peacefully just the way we all hope to go…peacefully. You are not worried. After all you have led a good life.


Suddenly you see a door open into your mind as you slip into the beyond. There at the door is Christ. Without him saying a word you suddenly realize that life was very short and most importantly you missed doing something that was your reason for living.


You failed to learn of and about God. No, you didn’t need to be a nun or pastor. You did not have to be pope. You only had to learn about your God. You failed to strengthen and build your own soul. Going to church every Sunday to praise him is not enough.


Life was so short and the task you missed was such a simple task. How could you have missed it? You thought you were a good person but you failed to even learn about the God you professed your whole life to believe in.


It is not too late to avoid this scenario. You are not gone yet. There are so many passages in the bible to guide us. In the New Testament it was shown to us that we must believe in Jesus to be saved. We must have faith. The one point we sometimes forget is…what is it or who is it that we are to believe in?


Jesus stated that many will call him Lord but he never knew them. Could it be that is because they never knew Him? How can you truly believe in someone if you never take the time to learn about whom it is you believe in?


Pick up that dusty bible and read. Diligently read a chapter here and there. Don’t just read it but learn the meaning and grasp it. A little at a time and soon you WILL know Him and he WILL know you.


“There is a way that seems right to a man but its end is death thereof.”