Muslim religious leader argues that girls as young as 9 could marry.


Seems the life of religious leaders pushing the envelope of pedophilia has no boundaries. One day it is “Christian” religious compounds in Texas with older men being “allowed” to marry young children the next its catholic leaders being accused of molestation.


Just when you thought so called Christian leaders were terrible people, along comes a Muslim leader out of Morocco teaching that young girls under the age of ten can marry.

What is next? Maybe tomorrow we will see Jewish rabbis pushing child porn or Buddhist monks pimping pre-teens?


No wonder more and more people turn from faith. These people are supposed to be moral leaders of the community. But who am I kidding? People have high jacked the faithful for centuries in the name of religion. They have pushed wars, suicide, murder and now pedophilia.


When will disgusting people stop trampling someone else’s core beliefs? Stop destroying what is supposed to be peaceful. Stop pushing people to be morally corrupt and at the same time condemning your neighbors sins.


My message to these people, if you find yourself doing these things…please find a new line of work. Fix yourself before trying to fix others.


My suggestion is to not assume the person at the pulpit is morally greater than you. Read and learn on your own and then listen and judge what they say. If it is contrary to a large degree from what you read…maybe its time to pack up your family and find another spiritual counselor. If you can find no one….maybe this truly is the end times.


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