Whats that you say? Tony Sparano is in control? Sure…he is the coach isn’t he?

Yes,  but look at some of the comments made by a couple of his players after the Dolphins humbling lose to New England.

Linebacker Matt Roth said, “We weren’t as disciplined or smart yesterday but we definitely played tough,” Roth also said. “We’ve been feeding off [Joey Porter’s] emotions, so he’s not at fault by any means. We had to get off the field and couldn’t do that. He’s been our emotional leader from game one and that’s not going to change. He’s got to stay that way for us to be successful.”

He also said, “Some times you don’t want to come off the field, you don’t come off the field”.

Linebacker Reggie Torbor said he didn’t believe Porter meant any disrespect toward Sparano, but it’s an unwritten machismo rule by players to finish what they started. He said, “Fourteen and a half sacks, why would he want to get off the field?” Torbor also said. “Who you going to put in any better than him?

“When you’re getting beat at the end of a game you don’t want to come off the field. It makes you look kind of like a coward. When you win and you’re out there you’re [celebrating], ‘Look at me,’ and when you lose, ‘I’m leaving?’ No, you stay out there and ride it out.”

Anyone with any leadership background can plainly see where the respect lies and with who leadership is directed. No, not Sparano… Joey Porter. These players have clearly drawn the line on what orders they take from a coach. Sparano must not be showing any leadership skills worth taking serious. Doubt me? just look at the caliber of those players defending Porter over Sparano.

Tabor and Roth would most likely not even be playing if they were on another quality team. A person would think they would be loyal to the coach who got rid of the likes of J. Taylor and kept them…noooo. They are loyal to Joey Porter because after telling Linebacker Charlie Anderson to get off the field he clearly decides who does and does not play. Maybe Joey Porter cut Taylor and Zach Thomas….hmmmm.

Sparano…maybe its time to act tough not just talk tough, otherwise….you will never be in control. At that point you and Parcells might as well ask Cameron for a job before Porter fires you.